Units Conversion Graphical Calculator


Units is a visual web based graphical software calculator application that enables the conversion of a unit of measurement to a corresponding quantity of another unit of measurement using a single finger tap or a single mouse click on the desired graphical unit of measurement representation.




  • Common touch panel gestures to input on most tablet devices
  • A single tap to convert entire category units of measure
  • At a glance, determine size relationship between units
  • Largest unit is at page top while moving down towards smallest unit
  • Gain an advantage over your classmates - Visual Imprint each relationship
  • Search-Select highlights the desired unit to visually locate quickly
  • Web based application to hyperlink to related reference(s)
  • Instantly spot the conversion factor value required for a desired conversion
  • Quickly visualize the SI units in relation to common ones
  • Display output with user selectable exponetial notation and number of digits
  • Web based access - Paid versions have additional options and remove advertising


Primarily developed for mobile touch tablet devices and portable laptop PCs with suitable screen real estate to handle the large graphical rendering.


This automated software calculator application is based on an original printed work created by Theodore Wildi circa mid 1960's.


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Copyright:  Robin G. Cox  © 2013  owner Sleuthware  All rights reserved

Based on an original printed work created by Theodore Wildi circa mid 1960's